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Reiss Beckford

Aiming to be the first Olympic #JAMnast



Dear Friends,

I’m writing to you as you very kindly contributed to my campaign on Sponsorise.Me last year. Thank you again for your support.

The campaign was to raise money in order for me to pay for the costs of competing for Jamaica in the lead up to and at the Olympic Games this year. I’ve subsequently been informed by the Jamaican Amateur Gymnastics Association that I have yet to be selected for the Olympic test event and therefore it isn’t guaranteed that I will be the Jamaican representative for gymnastics at the Olympic Games. I would like to apologise if the wording of the campaign caused any confusion, and if it did then I would like to offer you a full refund of your purchase. To claim your refund please see the details below.

Also, as part of the fundraising campaign I undertook a number of media interviews. In one interview its been reported to me that I may have misrepresented the state of Jamaican gymnastics. Gymnastics started in Jamaica over 20 years ago and there have been a number of successful gymnasts in that time. There was a female gymnast that could’ve competed at the Olympics 10 years ago if wasn’t for injury and my team mate Tony-Ann Williams was the first female to compete at 3 World Championships.

In 2015 Jamaica sent 3 female & 3 male gymnasts to the World Championships along with 4 coaches, and a back up team. The Men’s team also competed and won the Whitlow Invitational in the USA. The Jamaican juniors are also doing really well and have competed in Internationals events and won trophies. It’s fantastic to see such success and in years to come I believe Jamaica will be winning medals at many gymnastics events with the support we have from our coaches, gymnast’s and the JAGA community.

I hope this email puts the record straight and if you decide that you are happy for me to keep your money, then I will put this towards training and coaching costs where I hope to qualify to represent Jamaica at future events such as the Pan American Games and Commonwealth Games.

Yours in gymnastics

Reiss Beckford

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